Immune booster during the change of season

We go to “Ptit bonheurs au naturel” on du Parc ave/ St Viateur. They have the best advice to prevent or even while your kids are sick! I barely go to the doctor anymore, these guys are so good! There, they have a sort of homeopathy called Gemmotherapy, it’s quite effective on my kids. Often … Continue Reading


Take that, you toxic fool!

Since I rarely write in there anymore, I figured I would today when I read this article about the fact that Canada is on its way to banning BPA altogether! So there, I said it! how’s that for a short one? ;P


Look at me not paying attention to my kid,….

Well, semi… I mean, I am watching him and interacting with him while I write this.. But still, I know I should be REALLY playing with him. He’s building this 50 piece puzzle on his own, he’ll be 3 next month. Let me brag! so I’m not paying attention to him because I know he’s … Continue Reading


The story of cosmetics – Another movie… I know!


Bad mom? Me? nah!


Why? Let me share a chat I had with hubs today. Note that my husband has been in a self questioning phase. He’s thinking he has been pronouncing the word “both” wrong his whole life. He says he’s pronounced it “bolth” where it should be pronounced something else. Honestly I can barely make the difference, … Continue Reading

Chemerical, a movie about chemicals….


Daycare places, or a petition to our representant


Bonjour tout le monde, je fais passer une lettre que je veux envoyer au député et au maire du Plateau, concernant les places en CPE, je voudrais qu’ils se bougent! Donc si vous voulez y participer, inscrivez juste votre nom et adresse à la fin comme je l’ai fait. Passez le aussi à vos ami(e)s, … Continue Reading

Who has 2 thumbs and never writes?


That’s right, I NEVER write here anymore…. But it’s not for a lack of will, it’s just that I’m a little busy and spreading it thin lately. So we started this project with my sister, an online-whole-awesome -interactive-goodness-from-outerspace-type-o’-project. And guess who’s supposed to do the design and stuff? That’s right, yours truly. Except I don’t … Continue Reading

Week-end in the country and the fairy house


I never write anymore, I know. That’s because I’ve been working on a big web site project. So I’m dealing with baby being 8 months old, mostly always sick, and not really sleeping, and also building a web site that is supposed to be a different concept than others. So without this being a complaint … Continue Reading

1st Giant Social Media picnic Montreal


(English below — Espanol abajo) CAFE & BEIGNE  23 mai 2010 11h a la bonne idée de vouloir réunir tout le monde. Ça vous dit d’inviter TOUT LE MONDE sur votre liste d’amis de Facebook, twitter, bebo, email etc ? alors allez-y, on se fait un café & beigne au PARC LAFONTAINE, dimanche 23 … Continue Reading