I wash my hair, THEN you can have milk!

N8VYFNZ6N3U2 I was reminded yesterday that I needed to take care of myself in order to better take care of my babies. It seemed a little vague to me because there is taking care of myself, and taking care of myself. Let me explain. One is, to me, a broad notion. Like taking care of … Continue Reading


Baby bath products we use — Produits de bain pour bébé

Ahhh, here it is, THE post about the topic most people give me shit for! BATH PRODUCTS. Yes, I’m a bath product junky. But not any bath products. I’m obsessed with natural products. I used to make most of our soaps, deodorants, creams, and even hubby’s shaving lotion. That was during my “I’m-in-my-20′s-so-shut-up-and-let-me-enjoy-my-useless-self-while-I-can” phase! Now … Continue Reading


More BPA rants

So here I am, trying to feed my babies organic, healthy, well balanced meals. I tried breastfeeding because we can all agree it’s probably what’s best for a newborn. But since I’m not an ayatolah of breastfeeding, I’m not banning formula either. I generally like a middle ground. Which is why it sucked to have … Continue Reading


Wordless Wednesday


Lynn Harris said it! (updated)


So I saw this tweet from Mom101 about Lynn Harris’ article for salon.com… “Everybody hates mommy”. People are done giving you a seat when you are pregnant, they complain when we stroll around the neighborhood and we are apparently called many things inclunding one I find funny: “sanctimommies”.  Though on this side of Montreal we … Continue Reading

Non toxic cleaning — Nettoyage non toxique


Bath and beauty: Great resources can be found online for recipes, here are a few: From nature with love has a few of my favorite recipes: Baby Washbags: Muslin bags - Lavender bud powder – Chamomile powder – Colloidal oatmeal fine – Cornstarch – A few drops of jojoba or other oil Combine all the ingredients … Continue Reading

Quick link about car seats


Ted Talk Steven Levitt…… hmmmmm

Flu links– Liens sur la grippe


Alors voila la panique est installée, on ne peut plus tousser dans le métro sans que tout le monde se retourne pour vous faire de la place. Quand je dis que je ne fais pas vacciner mes enfants et nous non plus, on me regarde d’un air bizarre ou on me dit que je suis … Continue Reading

Coliques — Colic


My son had colic for 4 months… Meaning he cried most of the day, though strangely enough he was a good sleeper at night and slept through the night a 2 months old. I tried what seems to be everything at the time. I stopped drinking and eating any form of dairy products, soy products, … Continue Reading