That’s it, I’ve had it for today!

I just locked myself in the bathroom to get a bit of peace. My toddler is driving me crazy! He’s getting back into tantrums and being a little brat, that means he’s getting better…. “Better, why was he sick” you ask. Let me explain:


Ok, ok, I know, it’s quite common, and not at all bad at this age. I also know it’s better he gets it now than later.

But let me tell you about my week-end.

Disclaimer: my toddler is a typical 2.5 year old with “no” or “I want” as his elemental vocabulary for the moment. He speaks quite well (in almost both languages), a little too well if I might add.  He’s a leo, he’s STUBBORN, as in if he wants to go on a specific bouncy animal at the park, he’ll stand there in front of it and prevent himself from having fun with the rest of the games just so that he can get that stupid bouncy toy. He’ll stare at the kid playing on it at the time until that kid is subliminally so low on self-esteem that he’ll want to crawl back into his mother’s womb by teleportation!


So wednesday I noticed he was getting a few chicken pox pimple things. But fearless mother that I am, I sent him to daycare anyway since most kids there had it, and everybody there told me it was ok as long as he was ok! I wasn’t about to freak out for chicken pox when it’s a blessing to have it at that age. I was even showing off like crazy at the fact that he only had so few red dots compared to what it could be! “Pfff, he’s so cool, he’s only got a few zits, that’s my red head pirate right there!”.

Here’s the “before” picture:

Then it hit him friday. Already quite a few developed during the night, but I wasn’t expecting it to go further that same day. How wrong was I! You always learn when you have kids, that’s for sure!

He was COVERED, I mean BURIED under red itchy pimples by the time I went to get him at 4pm. He was crying in pain from itching so much… I felt so bad for the little guy. It’s one of those things you dread once you get these little monsters (talking about kids, not pox pimples!). Whenever there is something you can’t do anything about, doesn’t that suck!? God damn test from the Universe in letting go of all the control you have over life….

Anyway, he slept a total of about 10 minutes friday night. Had a miserable saturday, slept a couple hours in between bouts of itching and crying on saturday night for a total of about 4 hours. Then he slept a whole night sunday night with a couple wakings here and there, but nothing as bad as it had been.

He was so fine this morning, I sent him back to daycare. It’s better if he’s distracted. Otherwise you see him whine and whine, then you go in another room, and you don’t hear anything anymore until you peak, and see that he’s watching your every move. If he sees you he whines louder, if not, he’ll soften everything. That’s the sign he’s fine!

I don’t have any pictures for the liquidy blisters, just these from today, so it’s better and healing, but you can tell though (the bath water is not dirty, it’s the herbs I put it in that make it look like laundry water!):

Anywhoo, he is now red red red. The pimples are becoming scabs, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a kid this covered in pox! Poor dude.

I guess it wasn’t too long, though a couple nights of no sleep and you feel like centuries just passed you by. At least your new wrinkles and grey hair make you look like centuries passed by!

Here’s what worked for us:

*when the blisters are full of liquid and there is fever:

  • Belladonna 7c, 3 granules every hour or two.
  • Urtica 9c, 4 granules every 2 hours (at first I even gave it to him every hour, urtica is for the itchy!).
  • *when the blisters are starting to scab:

  • Continue with Urtica,
  • Add sulfur 7 or 9c, 3 granules ever 2 hours for a couple days, then 3 to 4 times a day.
  • *We also covered him in a scarring cream that has calendula in it from this company called Homeodel (we’re in Canada).

    *I made bath teas with oats, chickweed, lavender, st john wort, calendula and nettle (which I actually used when he had severe eczema as a baby). It’s easy you mix it all in a piece of nylon (tights) and put it in the bath without soap of course. Note that it will make the bath water look like you’re in the Bayou!

    *Lavender essential oil on the wounds.

    As always, these were recommended to us by professionals, we’re not naturopaths, homeopaths or doctors, so these are not advise that I give, but just a log of what worked for us! Homeopathy, or taking herbs is something you do religiously, because if you miss one dosage, you have to start from scratch.