I come from somewhere, definitely over the rainbow because I hit my head on it in passing. But before this tragic event, I was spotted by a fair few in a Brussels clinic.
My mother is very french, born to other french people, who lived in Tunisia and who raised their very french baby in an island in the indian ocean. My  father is a weird blend of things nobody really understands beside the fact that his mom cooks some mean pho (vietnamese soup) and that his own father drove like a maniac. They also raised their son in an island in the indian ocean after having extracted him from the madness of sushi throwing in Vietnam.
Never ceasing to flee, my parents moved every 5 minutes (and still do) out of habit from their parents who got it from their parents etc etc…
After the rainbow accident and kids at school who thought I was a billboard only visible under ultraviolet light, my family and I moved to Africa and found God… well, close to anyway, we found socks covered with realistic fur, improving blood clotting. Just kiddin’…

Between Central Africa, the Indian Ocean, and Europe, I felt I hadn’t moved enough so I took off for the USA where I warmed up for 11 years in preparing for the future move to Montreal. Since 2007 in the snowy city, I’ve hatched two eggs and am now in the process of unloading any excess luggage on you through this very fine blog!